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The steering and suspension systems in your vehicle are what help you stay in control as you drive. The entire weight of your car is supported and carried by the shocks and your steering system. This important part of your vehicle provides you with a safe, smooth ride and helps to keep the tires on the road for better control over turning corners and stopping. With annual steering and suspension inspections from Burlington KY’s own Urb’s Garage, you can help to prevent potentially serious repairs.

If you notice anything unusual about your steering or suspension, you should contact the pros at Urb’s Garage for a professional diagnosis. We can easily pinpoint the issue and get it corrected in no time. If you ignore these problems, they can get worse over time and eventually lead to a safety issue if they’re not addressed promptly.

Steering & Suspension Issues

It’s important to understand some of the most common warning signs that could indicate you have a problem with your steering and suspension system. Some of these signs include:

  • Your tires seem to shake or “wander” when you drive
  • Uneven road surfaces or dips in the road are more difficult to drive on
  • You’re having difficulty steering in general, or your steering seems to be slipping
  • Your vehicle bounces dramatically anytime you drive over a bump or pothole
  • The car seems to pull to one side whenever you drive

Inspecting Your Steering and Suspension

If you’re concerned about the condition of your steering and suspension and live in the Burlington area, our ASE-Certified mechanics will examine all of the components to ensure that everything is operating properly. In addition to those components, here are a few items we’ll also take a closer look at and be on the lookout for:

  • Visibly uneven wear to your tires
  • Any alignment issues you may experience
  • Your power steering fluid levels and the condition of the fluid
  • If your steering wheel is out of alignment, and if your tires are out of balance
  • The condition of your impacts or struts
  • Check for tightness of nuts and bolts, and re-tighten them as needed
  • If there are any loose or damaged power steering belts

We will also inspect your wheel and tire balance to ensure that the issue is not tire-related. With a thorough inspection and a proper diagnosis, we have the solution to all of your steering and suspension problems.

Steering and Suspension Near Me

For your automotive repair, service, and collision needs, visit Urb’s Garage in Burlington, KY or give us a call and visit us online to schedule your appointment today!

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