Three Things That Will Make Your Engine Stall

You start your car; it stalls. You start it again, rev it several times, and put it into gear; it stalls. You say some choice words, apologize to your spouse after her admonishment, start it again, rev it again, get it in gear, back out of your driveway; it stalls. You start it again and get it in gear. You head down the street; it stalls at the stop sign. What’s going on? Urb’s Garage can isolate the problem and fix it for you. Here are three things that will make your automobile engine stall.

1. Electrical Sensor Issue

Unless your automobile is a classic, it’s running on sensors. Every automotive system in your car, truck, crossover, or SUV has a sensor that monitors system performance when you first start your vehicle and as you drive. These sensors detect issues and report them to a main computer chip that, in turn, warns you of impending doom. Usually, the warning is one of your dashboard lights accompanied by a bell. If any of these sensors or the main computer chip malfunction, your vehicle will stall.

2. Leaky Vacuum System

Your vehicle has vacuum lines that help it run. In very basic terms, combustion engines need air to run. Air helps an engine produce power and run efficiently. Your engine uses a vacuum system to move the air in and out of it, specifically, when the crankshaft pulls down a piston, air is sucked into your vehicle’s motor. Vacuum lines are part of this combustion system, and they can get leaks in them. If they do, your engine will not get enough air and it cannot create the vacuum it needs to run. Hence, the stall.

3. Leaky or Clogged Intake or Fuel System

Your vehicle is also equipped with an air filter, a fuel filter, and a fuel pump. If there is something wrong with any of these things, your engine might stall. For example, an air filter or fuel filter that is clogged prevents air or fuel from getting to the engine. If the fuel pump is the problem, you may not even be able to get your engine started because the pump is not pushing gasoline into it. Leaks in either system can also stall an engine because leaks affect the mixture of fuel and air an engine needs to start and run.

Located in Burlington, KY, Urb’s Garage would be happy to investigate why your engine keeps stalling. We can even give you a tow to our garage if you need it.

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