Six Common Causes of Car Dents

You already know that your car can get damaged even if you haven’t been in an automobile accident. What are the most common things that dent your car, however, so you can do your best to avoid them? Urb’s Garage fixes a lot of dents in cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs, and these are the six most common reasons why our customers come to us for our magic touch.

Grocery Carts

People in grocery store parking lots can be careless or just don’t care and you end up with a dent in your car as a result. You can’t fix people but you can fix the dent. Shopping carts cause more dents in cars than most other things, so park away from the other cars and the shopping cart caddies to avoid dings.

Automobile Doors

Another reason to park away from other cars is the second thing that causes the most dents in your car is other car doors. Again, whether unintentional or intentional, people open their doors carelessly and slam them into your car door. Park in an empty part of the parking lot to avoid door-into-door damage.


Heavy hail and windstorms can damage your vehicle. If the hail is big enough, it can dent your car upon impact. If the wind is blowing strong enough, you might end up with tree branches, rocks, or road debris denting your vehicle. Assess the weather before you get on the road to avoid weather-related dents.

Falling Tree Branches

It doesn’t take a bad storm for a tree branch to dent your car. If you park under a tree, check the branches to see if any look unhealthy. A tree branch falling onto the roof, hood, or trunk is sure to cause a dent, especially if it’s a large branch. You can also get some nasty scrapes, too, that damage the paint.

Road Debris

If an 18-wheeler pulls out in front of you, fall way back and pass it only when it’s safe. Semi-truck wheels pick up road debris and fling it behind them. Your car and its windshield suffer as a result. Other vehicle tires can also run road debris through them and then catapult it into your car, so stay back.

Tight Parking or Other Spaces

If it’s a tight squeeze don’t do it. Whether you’re trying to squeeze into a parking space or make a tight turn, parallel park, or other driving action, you increase your chances of denting your car by hitting something. Keep plenty of room around your vehicle when in motion and parked to avoid dents.

Urb’s Garage in Burlington, KY, are dent repair experts. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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