A Check Engine Warning Could Point to the Transmission

If your check engine light has turned on and you notice any of the other problems listed below, the issue is likely the transmission. Urb’s Garage advises that the transmission does not have a warning light of its own; therefore, the engine control module turns on the check engine light when the transmission reports an error. Here are other signs your transmission is going bad.

Complete Unresponsiveness

If you ignore any of the other problems listed below, your transmission will become completely unresponsive. Severe damage can also cause the transmission to become unresponsive right away. Unresponsive means that you can’t get your vehicle into gear or shift through the gear cycle.

Hot Transmission Odors

Burning odors coming from the transmission are an indication that the transmission is overheating. The most common reason why a transmission overheats is that the transmission fluid is too low. This fluid lubricates the moving transmission parts to prevent them from generating too much friction and heat.

Leaking Red Fluid

If you have red fluid spots on your garage floor underneath the center of your automobile, your transmission is leaking transmission fluid. The fluid can leak out of the seals or gaskets, the transmission hoses, the transmission pan, or the torque converter. Have the leak fixed right away.

Odd Transmission Noises

Signs that your transmission is struggling include strange noises when you put your vehicle into gear and as the transmission shifts through the gear cycle. You should never hear a clunk or grinding or squealing sounds. If you hear any of these sounds, have your transmission inspected right away.

Problems Shifting Gears

Aside from being completely unresponsive, a faulty transmission can also have problems shifting through the gears. It might skip gears in the gear cycle or slip out of gear back into neutral. It may also hesitate to shift the gears until the RPMs have gotten too high.

Shaking or Vibrating

Finally, a faulty transmission may make your automobile shake or vibrate when you put it into gear and when it shifts gears. Aside from the difference in engine RPMs, your vehicle should not make any movement when the transmission is doing its job. If it does, there’s a problem with the transmission.

Call Urb’s Garage in Burlington, KY, or Urb’s Garage in Erlanger, KY, today if you are having any of the problems with your automobile listed above. We can inspect your automatic or manual transmission and repair any problems we find.

Photo by BDoty from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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