A Clogged Oil Filter Is No Match for Urb’s Garage

We are serious. A clogged oil filter is something we can handle easily here at Urb’s Garage. If you bring your car, truck, or UV to our shop for its regular oil changes, the oil filter should never clog. This is the way it should be. You do not want to have a clogged oil filter in your vehicle’s engine. It may seem strange, but something as simple as a clogged oil filter can actually damage the engine beyond repair.

Horrible Performance

The reason why the motor oil and filter need to be changed every 3,000 miles is that they get dirty by this point. If you continue to drive your automobile without changing the oil, it will start to deposit gunk throughout the engine. Unfortunately, the dirty motor oil and clogged filter will affect the engine’s performance because the gunk will prevent it from running efficiently.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Consequently, your vehicle’s engine will start to struggle to produce power and use more fuel. If you really think about it, it is more economical to have the oil changed every 3,000 miles than it is to deal with reduced fuel efficiency. With gas prices what they are today, it can cause more than an oil change to fill the tank just one time. Imagine having to fill it more often.

Reduced Oil Pressure

There can also be a problem with the oil’s pressure when the oil filter gets clogged. You will have less oil circulating through the engine because it is trapped by the clogged oil filter. This is a serious problem. So serious, the main computer chip in your automobile will illuminate the oil light on the dashboard.

Grinding/Metallic Sounds

Once the oil light has turned on, you should head straight to our shop. If you fail to do so, however, you may start to hear grinding or other metallic sounds coming from the engine. This is the point at which the clogged oil filter can damage the engine beyond repair. The metallic noises are a sign that your engine does not have oil circulating through it. Stop driving your automobile.

Excessive Hydrocarbons

Finally, this problem is only a problem for those who live in areas that require vehicle emissions testing. A clogged oil filter makes the engine dirty. This dirt is burned away and increases the hydrocarbons in the exhaust. Your vehicle cannot pass the test with excessive hydrocarbons.

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Photo by chiewr from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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