Do I Really Need to Call for a Tow Truck?

One of the worst things you can do is hobble along while your vehicle overheats or acts up in some other way. The more you drive a troubled vehicle the more damage you cause. There are times when you might think you don’t need to call for a tow truck, but Urb’s Garage is here to tell you that you probably do. Don’t take chances. Call for a tow when the following happens.

Engine Trouble

Engine trouble includes overheating, sputtering, stalling, surging, smoking, burning, or too many other things to list. You might notice something strange about your engine, such as a sudden odd noise or a burning smell, and the minute this happens, you should pull over to safety and turn off your car, truck, or SUV. The same holds true for dashboard warning lights. They illuminate because a vehicle system sent a warning to your automobile’s onboard computer system which, in turn, turned on the warning light. Don’t mess with engine trouble. Call for a tow to avoid damaging your engine further.

Brake Trouble

Your brakes are perhaps the most important safety feature on your vehicle. Sure, lane-drift warnings and reverse cameras are fantastic, but what would you do if you couldn’t stop your car? This is something no driver thinks about until it happens but there is plenty of warning prior to this that some people ignore. If you notice a burning smell that smells chemical in nature, your brakes could be overheating and they will disable if they get too hot. Even if your brakes act funny when you try to stop your vehicle it isn’t worth the risk to continue your drive. Pull over and call for a tow to a brake shop.

Automobile Accident

Finally, you know to call for a tow truck if your vehicle is damaged beyond drivability in an automobile accident but you should call for a tow truck even if the damage seems minor. Let’s say somebody rear-ended you on a city street. The car wasn’t going that fast and it appears the only damage you sustained was a banged up bumper. Your vehicle’s suspension could be damaged slightly from the hit, as could the exhaust system. Don’t take chances. Call for a tow truck to the scene. The driver can check your vehicle for damage and let you know whether it’s safe to drive it. 

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