How Often Do I Need To Get My Oil Changed?

To change every 3,000 miles or not to change every 3,000 miles, that is the question. If there is one customer inquiry that circulates throughout the automotive service industry more than any other it’s probably how often a vehicle’s oil needs to be changed. Between new automotive technology, synthetic versus conventional motor oil, and even false claims online, it’s hard to determine the best schedule for your vehicle. Thankfully, Urb’s Garage is here to help.

The Boss Speaks

Your vehicle’s manufacturer is the one to tell you how often you should have your oil changed and that can still change between models and years. Don’t look for a general answer to the question; rather, check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the oil change recommendation for your specific engine type. Remember, the manual might cover more than one engine for your vehicle’s model, so make certain you’re looking at the oil type and oil change duration for your engine.

Oil Type

Speaking of oil type, your owner’s manual will give you the proper weight for your engine, but whether you should use synthetic or conventional motor oil depends on a few factors. These factors include your vehicle’s age, the weather outside, and how hard you are on your car, truck, or SUV. For example, if your vehicle is older, you live in an area with extreme temperatures, and you drive like a maniac, synthetic is better because it retains its viscosity better under harsh driving conditions.

If you decide to use synthetic motor oil, you’ve just changed how often you need to have your oil flushed and replaced. Even if your owner’s manual recommends oil changes every 3,000 miles, that’s probably for conventional motor oil. You can double that mileage milestone by using synthetic. Vehicles that use synthetic can generally drive up to 7,500 miles between oil changes. Some manufacturers, such as BMW and Toyota say some of their models can go up 15,000 miles between oil changes.

Engine Safety First

All of this said, it’s best to stick to a customized oil-change schedule for your vehicle that is designed to take all of the above into account. Why? Because if you don’t change your motor oil when you should, it will leave sludge deposits in your engine that can severely damage it. Even if you pay more for synthetic motor oil, it will cost you less to stick to your vehicle’s oil change schedule than it will to repair the damaged engine. We’re not kidding. Old and dirty oil can wreak havoc on your motor.

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