Ramp Up Your Fuel Economy With the Following Tips

Now more than ever you need to save money where you can. This includes the gasoline line of your household budget. People try to get as much out of their full tanks as they can, and Urb’s Garage is going to list some tips below that help you ramp up your fuel economy.

Anticipate Green Lights

When driving on city streets, anticipate the green lights. In other words, make adjustments to your traveling speed so that you hit each light on the green. This keeps you moving and prevents you from idling at a red light.

Avoid Rush Hour Traffic

If you can, avoid rush-hour traffic at all costs. Work a flex schedule so you aren’t driving during the key traffic hours. If your company doesn’t allow flexible schedules, see if you can find an alternate route of the same distance that doesn’t have as much traffic.

Avoid Sitting on Toll Roads

If your commute takes you on toll roads, purchase a fast pass so you can keep moving. These passes allow you to drive through a special lane rather than stop at a gate to pay the toll. This prevents you from having to slow down and sit at an idle.

Be Conservative Behind the Wheel

Depending on how you drive will determine how much fuel your engine uses. If you’re a pedal-to-the-metal driver who has a need for speed, you are going to blow through gasoline more quickly. Be conservative behind the wheel and take it easy on your automobile.

Don’t Sit Idling

As we’ve mentioned above, sitting at an idle will burn gasoline. It takes less fuel to start your automobile than it does if you sit at an idle for longer than one minute. Turn off your engine if you are stuck waiting for someone or in the Starbuck’s line.

Map Your Routes

Map out your routes so that you are always driving efficiently. Combine as many stops as possible so you aren’t making short jaunts between places. Plan the stops so that you aren’t driving back and forth between places. All of these things save gas.

Use Your Cruise Control

If your vehicle is equipped with cruise control, take advantage of it. When you set your cruise control, your car, truck, or utility vehicle maintains an exact speed more efficiently than if you try to maintain the speed yourself. This saves gas.

Watch the Speed

Speaking of speed, it’s important to understand that the faster you go the more gas you burn. This is why it’s a good idea to slow down if you are trying to save diesel fuel or gasoline.

Finally, keeping your vehicle in the best shape possible will also help you get more miles out of a full tank. Urb’s Garage in Erlanger and Burlington, KY, can help with this. Call us today for a service appointment.

Photo by Doni Persada from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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