Tips to Avoid a Holiday Accident

Whether your holiday drive is short or cross-country, Urb’s Garage wants you to stay safe on the road. We would love to have you as a customer, but not because you got into an accident. There will be billions of Americans on the roads this holiday season, which increases traffic and frayed nerves. Don’t become a victim. Stay calm and use the following tips to avoid holiday crashes.

Be Weather Wary

Stay on top of the weather conditions along your route at all times. Plan an alternate route in case you need to re-route your drive due to inclement weather. Pack tire chains if you’re headed into an area with heavy snow and store an emergency kit in your vehicle in case you get stuck on the icy roads.

Be Slow

Leave early so you aren’t tempted to speed in order to make it to your destination on time. Drive according to the weather conditions, too, and if it does start to rain or snow, slow down. Obey speed limits and do whatever it takes to stay calm behind the wheel. Aggression will cause you to speed.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Duh, right? The problem is people still do it. No matter how tempted you are, do not drink and drive. Even one beer, a glass of wine, or cocktail can impair your driving ability. From Christmas to New Year alone, over 300 people die in DUI accidents each year. Don’t do it – just don’t. It’s not worth the risk.

Watch for Drunk Drivers

You might heed the tip above but other people won’t. With holiday cheer as infectious as it is, there will be people driving home after too many drinks. Watch for erratic drivers who sway back and forth, ride the brakes, speed up and slow down, or exhibit other strange driving. Avoid them and call the police.

Have a Passenger Make the Call

Don’t use your mobile phone while driving on holiday roads. Even if you have hands-free operation, cell phones distract drivers. Remember, people are drunk, in a rush, or otherwise distracted themselves, which makes them a danger on the road. You need to stay alert with zero distractions to keep safe.

Avoid Sleepiness

Stay alert and awake during your holiday drive. Sleep at least eight hours the night before your holiday drive and stop frequently to rest along the way. Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks and opt for water instead to stay hydrated, which boosts cognitive skills. Also, avoid fatty and sugary foods. 


If you do get stuck in traffic or bad weather stay calm. The angrier you get the more dangerous you are on the road. Set road rules, too, for your family. No arguing, loud devices, or whining. Plan a trip that includes things along the way to entertain the kids. Keep everyone happy so you stay happy.

Finally, let Urb’s Garage in Burlington, KY, service your vehicle so it runs efficiently throughout your trip. 

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