What Are the Fluids That Need Changing in My Car?

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Consider the maintenance section of your owner’s manual your car’s bible. In it, your vehicle’s manufacturer lists all of the fluids in your automobile and when they need to be changed. It’s important to stick to the recommended schedule to get the most mileage out of your automobile. Factory-scheduled maintenance, including fluid flush and refills, also prevents damage. Urb’s Garage can change any fluid in your automobile. Here are the fluids that need servicing regularly.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid literally stops your car. When you step on the brake pedal, the master cylinder pushes fluid through the brake lines to the calipers to press them against the brake pads. Generally, you should have your brake fluid changed every 30,000 miles. You should have it checked at every oil change.


Also called antifreeze, coolant maintains your engine’s temperature. Your engine should never run hotter than 220 degrees Fahrenheit, which it will do easily if the coolant is low, old, and/or dirty. Check your coolant a couple of times a year and plan to change it every two-to-three years.

Motor Oil

Known as the lifeblood of your engine, motor oil should be changed every 3,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first, to ensure it is always clean and viscous. It might seem hard to believe that something as nondescript as motor oil can destroy your engine but it can if it isn’t changed regularly.

Power Steering Fluid

If you have a vacuum-driven power steering system in your automobile, you have power steering fluid. Electrical power steering systems do not have fluid. Power steering fluid is rarely low unless there is a problem. It also generally doesn’t need to be flushed and filled unless the power steering system fails.

Transmission Fluid

Like motor oil, transmission fluid is crucial because it protects transmission parts from friction and heat. It helps the gears run and shift smoothly. Generally, the fluid does not need to be flushed and refilled until 50,000 miles, but double-check your owner’s manual to see if you should change it sooner.

You should also check your windshield washer fluid regularly to make sure the reservoir is always full in case you need it. For the other fluids, call Urb’s Garage in Burlington, KY, to schedule an appointment for your factory-scheduled maintenance. Our goal is to make sure you can always count on your automobile to be safe and reliable. Fluid changes help us ensure that.

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