Why Won’t My Car’s Battery Light Turn Off?

If the battery, ALT, or GEN light has illuminated on the dashboard and refuses to turn off, you might have a dying alternator underneath the hood. This light turns on briefly when you start your automobile but should turn off once the sensors report the electrical system is a-okay. If the light stays on, Urb’s Garage warns that you’ve got an electrical problem that, again, could be tied to a dying alternator.

An Engine That Stalls Frequently

If your engine has started to stall frequently, this, too, could be a sign of a dying alternator. The alternator is the power source for the spark plugs. If the plugs are not getting the power they need, they will misfire or refuse to fire at all. Consequently, your vehicle will stall frequently.

An Overheating Electrical System

Another sign that the alternator needs to be replaced is if your vehicle’s electrical system overheats. When the alternator struggles to produce power, it may overwork itself and produce too much power. This can overheat the electrical wiring and insulation in your automobile’s engine.

Difficulty Starting the Vehicle

You may also have problems starting your automobile because the alternator has failed to keep the battery charged. As you can see, the alternator provides power to a lot of stuff, including the battery. If the battery discharges completely, you won’t be able to start your car, truck, or utility vehicle.

Grinding or Whining Engine Sounds

If you hear grinding sounds coming from your car’s engine, the alternator may be dying. As the parts found inside of the alternator wear down, they begin to grind or growl. The alternator is powered by your vehicle’s accessory belt, which will whine if it needs to be tightened or replaced.

Malfunctioning Accessories

The alternator also powers many of your vehicle’s accessories. This includes the power seats and windows, the navigation and entertainment systems, and the smartphone charging ports. If you are having problems with your vehicle’s accessories, the alternator could be to blame.

Overly Bright or Dim Lights

Finally, if the alternator is producing excess and unnecessary voltage, your vehicle’s lights may be too bright. If it is unable to generate enough voltage, the lights will be dim and may even flicker. This can make driving at night extremely difficult, especially if the headlights are barely shining.

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