Five Common Collision Repairs

Nobody wants to be in an automobile accident or have their vehicle damaged some other way. Cars, trucks and SUVs live dangerous lives. If it isn’t the speeding driver who rear-ended them it’s a shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot. Mother Nature can be brutal on vehicles, too, which is distressful to the owner who takes pride in his or her automobile. We see a lot of collision damage at Urb’s Garage and here are the top five repairs we perform regularly.

Front-End Damage

If you’re the speeding driver who rear-ended someone you’re going have damage to your front-end. This often includes the bumper and grill, headlights, and even your hood if you hit the other car hard enough. Your vehicle might also sustain wheel and suspension damage if the accident is serious enough, so slow down, back off the cars in front of you, and drive safe to avoid rear-ending someone.

Read-End Damage

If you’re the “rear-endee,” your vehicle has sustained back bumper damage at a minimum. Hopefully, you weren’t hit so hard that your rear suspension was damaged. If the other driver hit you hard enough, you’ll have to replace the bumper, fenders, taillights, and repair trunk damage. Take care of you, too, and get any whiplash examined and treated by medical professionals.


Your vehicle can be dented in an automobile accident, by a shopping cart, by flying road debris, by flying debris during severe winds, by rocks, hail, and who knows what else. There are so many things out there that can put a dent in your car. Thankfully, dents are easy to fix. If possible, the dent can be pulled out and smoothed. If not possible, the panel the dent is in can be replaced.

Windshield Cracks

This is something you’ll want to repair right away because windshield cracks worsen over time and reduce vehicle safety if you do get into an accident. The windshield itself supports the frame. Should it shatter the frame will go, too. Insurance companies generally cover cracked windshields because they don’t want to pay for additional damage should the vehicle get into an accident.


Minor scratches can be buffed out but scratches deep into the paint cannot. Your vehicle’s paint might be scratched by a spiteful ex or it should get scratched by anything sharp coming into contact with your paint, such as a branch hanging low from a tree that you cannot avoid. A deep scratch can be buffed just like a small scratch can be and then the spot repainted with a color that matches the existing paint.

Bring your car, truck or SUV into Urb’s Garage for any of the five things listed above. We’re located in Burlington, KY, and you can give us call today.

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