Defensive Driving Tips to Help You Avoid an Accident

There are ways you can reduce your risk of getting into an automobile accident. Go back to your driving school days to remember what you learned about defensive driving. Can’t recall? No worries. We here at Urb’s Garage are going to list some defensive driving tips below to help you stay safer on the road. Should you get into an accident, know that we’re a full-service garage and collision center – hence, our name – ready to make your car, truck, or SUV look brand new all over again.

Keep Your Eyes On All of the Road

Keeping your eyes on the road doesn’t mean just staring straight ahead. Make sure you scan in quick and regular intervals to the sides and back of you, as well. You might remember learning in Driver’s Education to keep your eyes moving at all times; glance ahead, in your left side mirror, in your right side mirror, in your rearview mirror, repeat. Knowing what’s going on all around you keeps you safer because you have more time to react to a dangerous situation that could cause an accident.

Don’t Allow Yourself to Get Boxed In

It’s never a good idea to be boxed in unless it’s unavoidable, such as during a traffic jam. Always have a way to move quickly to avoid accident causes. In other words, if you have cars in front of and behind you and on each side, change lanes when you can to give yourself some space. You always need plenty of room in front of and behind you as well as to the sides. This allows you to swerve into another lane without hitting someone should a driver pull in front of you so close that he or she will hit you.

Anticipate What Other Drivers Will Do

You might not be a mind-reader but you can still anticipate what other drivers will do. Don’t get comfortable, if you will, and react to other drivers’ actions after they’ve happened. Rather, stay alert and watch for the things other drivers might do before they do them so you drive can proactively. For example, if a car in the lane next to you a few vehicles ahead slams on his or her brakes, you know the vehicles behind this car might have to come into your lane, so plan for it by giving them room.

If you do get into an automobile accident, call Urb’s Garage at 859-594-7187. We are located in Burlington, KY, and we can restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition.