A Leaking Exhaust Manifold Will Create the Following Conditions

Before we get into the problems that a leaking exhaust manifold will cause, we want to say that it is rare that the manifold cracks. It will usually crack when it is exposed to too much heat, i.e., you are driving your automobile with an overheating engine. This is one reason why we here at Urb’s Garage recommend that you pull over and call for a tow truck if your engine is overheating.

Performance Trouble

Assume for the moment that you keep driving when the engine is too hot. If you start to have engine performance problems, it’s possible that the exhaust manifold has cracked and is releasing scorching hot exhaust into the engine. This exhaust fills the combustion chamber and inhibits combustion production.

Reduced Gas Mileage

Even if the engine isn’t running too hot yet you are having engine performance problems, the source of the issue could be the exhaust manifold. Unfortunately, the engine performance problems are also going to cause a noticeable reduction in the gas mileage you get out of your SUV, car, or truck.

Hissing/Tapping Noise

If you suspect that you might have a cracked exhaust manifold underneath the hood, listen very carefully when you start your automobile. If you can hear hissing or tapping noises coming from the engine, this is the noise that the manifold will make when the exhaust escapes out of the crack.

Hot/Burning Smells

As we mentioned previously, the exhaust that makes its way into the engine out of the leaking manifold is scorching hot. Consequently, if your engine wasn’t overheating already, it will. In addition, you will smell burning odors coming from the engine that are an indication that engine parts are melting.

Exhaust Smells

Driving your automobile with a cracked exhaust manifold can be a dangerous undertaking. The reason why is that the exhaust can be picked up by the ventilation system and pushed into the vehicle’s cabin. Consequently, this will leave you inhaling the exhaust while you are driving your automobile. If you smell exhaust inside the cabin, pull over, cut the engine, and call for a tow truck to our shop.

Bring your vehicle to Urb’s Garage in Erlanger or Burlington, KY. We would be happy to replace the leaking exhaust manifold and get you back on the road with excellent engine performance and fuel economy. In addition, replacing the leaking manifold also makes your vehicle safe to drive again.

Photo by Fertnig from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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