Bring Your Car to Urb’s Garage for the Following Suspension Problems

Urb’s Garage has two locations in Kentucky ready to help you with your suspension problems. It doesn’t matter if you drive a car, truck, or utility vehicle. We can inspect the suspension and make any necessary repairs or replace any worn parts. Your vehicle’s suspension will give you specific signs depending on what the problem is. We are going to list signs of suspension problems below and their causes.

A Corner Sits Lower

For example, if you notice that a corner of your automobile sits lower on its wheel than the other corners do, there is a broken suspension spring on that wheel. It’s possible that you heard the spring break if you heard a loud clunk when you drove over a bump. Unfortunately, the wheel will continue to make the clunking noise until you replace the broken spring.

Constant Side-Pulling

Another problem that signals your suspension needs some work is constant pulling to the side when you are trying to drive straight. This is an indication that the wheels need to be realigned because they have been knocked out of alignment. Things that can knock the wheels out of alignment include driving through potholes too fast or hitting a curb when turning around a corner.

Momentum Motion

It is time to replace the shocks and struts if you can feel your vehicle’s momentum. What this means is that the body of your automobile moves depending on the action you take when you are driving. For example, the body may lurch forward when you apply the brakes. It should not do this. The shocks and struts should prevent your vehicle’s momentum motion.

Oily Shock Absorbers

Oily shocks are a sign that the shock absorbers need to be replaced. You can check the shocks by reaching up behind your rear wheels and touching them. If they feel oily, they are leaking and it’s time for new shocks on the rear wheels.

Steering Difficulties

You may also have problems steering your automobile and controlling it aside from the pulling we discussed above. Other steering difficulties can include problems turning the wheel or the vehicle failing to respond to the steering.

Uncomfortable Ride

Finally, a sign that your strengths and shocks need to be replaced is an uncomfortable ride that is extremely bouncy. This points to a problem with the shocks and struts in that they are not able to absorb the bumpy roads anymore.

Call Urb’s Garage in Burlington or Erlanger, KY, today to schedule a suspension service appointment for your automobile if any of the above sounds familiar.

Photo by tarasov_vl from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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