The Check Engine Light Comes On For the Following Reasons

The check engine light on your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s dashboard covers engine problems that do not otherwise have a warning light or gauge. The check engine light can come on for a number of reasons. Urb’s Garage is going to list the common reasons for a check engine warning below.

Clogged Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter has what looks like a beehive inside of it to help it switch toxic emissions into safe emissions before they exit via the tailpipe. It’s easy after 10 years for the catalytic converter to be clogged with carbon deposits. This will turn on the check engine light.

Faulty EVAP System

Your automobile’s EVAP system makes certain that the fuel does not evaporate into the environment. This is important not only for the environment but also for your fuel economy. A faulty EVAP system will turn on the check engine light and cause engine performance problems.

Faulty Engine Control Unit

The engine control unit is your vehicle’s main computer chip. It communicates with the system sensors to make sure your automobile is running as it should be. If the engine control unit goes bad, the check engine light will turn on and your engine will turn off.

Faulty Mass Airflow Sensor

A faulty mass airflow sensor is usually a dirty mass airflow sensor. This sensor keeps track of the outside air that flows into the engine. If you take good care of your automobile, you may never need to replace the mass airflow sensor. A dirty one, however, will turn on the check engine light.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

You will have to replace your oxygen sensor if you drive a high-mileage automobile. Today’s oxygen sensors can last as long as 100,000 miles. These sensors keep track of the oxygen in the vehicle’s exhaust. The check engine light will turn on if the sensor sends an error code.

Loose Fuel Cap

A simple problem that can also turn on the check engine light is a loose fuel cap. If your check engine light turns on as you are leaving the gas station, pull over to a safe place and check the fuel cap.

Worn Spark Plugs

Finally, worn spark plugs will turn on the check engine light and cause your engine to misfire. In severe cases, the worn spark plugs will also cause your engine to stall.

Call Urb’s Garage in Erlanger and Burlington, KY, today if your vehicle’s check engine light has come on. We’d be happy to run a diagnostic test to find the problem.

Photo by tfoxfoto from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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